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Whether you’re outfitting a new home office in a hurry or just looking to update your existing workspace, proper furniture is key to creating a healthy and effective work environment. Fixed-height desks crafted by the most reputable manufacturers are a smart and durable alternative to more customizable adjustable-height options, designed to suit any type of workforce. To complete an efficient office design, opt for functional storage furniture that makes it easy to stay organized.

Selecting a fixed-height desk

Adjustable desks (or standing desks) are increasingly popular in many workspaces, but for many professionals, a high-quality fixed-height desk is still the norm. With a large area of available work surface and durable, long-lasting materials, these timeless desk designs are suitable for any industry and offer a clean, cohesive look throughout the office.

Office storage furniture

Beyond the essential fixed-height desk and ergonomic desk chair, a few multipurpose storage furniture pieces can help transform any space into a highly functional office environment. Rolling metal file cabinets remain the classic standard in staying organized, but have been updated with thoughtful touches for added versatility—including fitted cushions in a rainbow of colors, allowing for quick on-the-fly seating options for desk-side meetings and more. These hard-wearing cabinets are made to last a lifetime, offering adaptable storage for paperwork, desk supplies, and other essentials alike.

Checklist for a well-designed office

Additional storage pieces can add both style and substance to your office, making your workday tasks easier and alleviating stress and strain. Companies requiring bookshelves, wall units, office credenzas, or even more specialized storage solutions can find what they’re looking for at Sam Clar— Consult with a member of our office design team for assistance in creating your ideal office setup.

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