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Ergonomic accessories are a budget-friendly way to ensure your workspace is tailored to you, ensuring proper alignment and long-lasting comfort throughout your workday. Whether you prefer to work on a laptop or use a robust multi-monitor setup, there are several computer stand options that can make your workstation work for you.

Computer monitor mounting arms

Both single-monitor and multi-monitor configurations can benefit from the use of a monitor arm. These durable, high-quality monitor mounting arms allow you to easily adjust your monitor placement throughout the day, keeping important data in your sightline and preventing unnecessary craning of the neck when prioritizing one monitor over another. Not only does a proper monitor arm mounting setup help alleviate stress and strain, but it can also help your workday run more efficiently.

Ergonomic keyboard platforms

While we always recommend investing in a high-quality adjustable work surface, we understand that more mobile solutions are sometimes required. An ergonomic keyboard platform offers an element of adjustability to reinforce proper typing form, reducing fatigue and customizing your workspace to your body.

Foot rests and balance ball stools

Whether you work at a standing desk (or an adjustable sit-stand desk) or prefer a seated position, an ergonomically designed foot rest can help adjust your posture and keep your feet resting comfortably. We offer a wide range of raised footrests, cushioned anti-fatigue mats, and other options to keep your body in alignment throughout your day. For those who prefer active sitting to engage the core and prevent slouching, balance ball stools are a popular option that replace the traditional desk chair. These ergonomic options allow for a bit of movement and activity, and can help insert some low-intensity physical activity into your work week.

Desktop task lighting

Proper lighting is another essential for creating a healthy office environment. Adjustable, targeted task lighting can help prevent eye strain and deliver proper illumination for your work.

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